Best AR 15 Accessories: Enhance Your Shooting Experience

Before we get into the best AR 15 accessories, let’s first talk about the AR 15 and why it is so beloved. Today, the AR 15 is at its peak in popularity within the gun owner community. This is because of a wide range of various factors. This rifle is customizable, adaptable, reliable, and accurate. The AR 15 can be used for all kinds of shooting including sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense situations. Civilians all over the US can also adjust and personalize their AR 15 rifle, which is part of what makes it so popular.

The AR15 rifle has been called America’s rifle and has been outselling more traditional bolt and lever action rifles for the past decade. There are a number of reasons for this being the best AR 15 accessories, ranging from a younger gun culture indoctrinated to the shooting sports via action movies and military-themed video games. All the way to soldiers, sailors and Marines returning from wars that have raged in the Middle East for over a decade seeking comfort in a civilized clone of their familiar service rifle to the fact that the rifle is accurate lightweight and extremely versatile.

We will focus on the last part of that statement as today’s AR 15 rifle is markedly different from the versions of 20 to 50 years ago. And our main focus will be fully on the best AR 15 accessories out there. The older versions did not lend themselves well to customizing without changing parts. The development of the SOPMOD rifle by the US Army changed that by introducing Picatinny rails on virtually every square inch of the AR 15’s chassis.

Incredible Reasons to Own an AR 15

The AR 15 rifle is the most famous rifle in America for countless reasons, and you won't be able to love the best AR 15 accessories on the market if you don't know why the AR 15 rifle is so special. These are some many reasons to love this firearm:


The AR 15 rifle is useful for the home's defense, despite popular opinion. For a large amount of the population, no better weapon can be used to defend their homes. The world is full of terrifying threats that an AR 15 semi-automatic is a perfect solution to. The primary reasons for this are because they are easy to learn and easy to use and because they give a high chance of aim and reliability.

Learning the Skill

This instrument has a simple process and minimal recoil. This means there's no better rifle to teach people the skill of accurate shooting with. There is also the fact that shooting this rifle is tons of fun and not a hard task, which also makes it great for teaching new shooters, no matter their age.

Sport Enjoyment

If there is a rifle out there that's more fun than the AR 15 to take to the range and shoot some holes into a dummy, it would be news to me and to many other Americans as well. All the way from short-range shooting to longer-range shooting, the AR 15 is easy to shoot, and easy to hit targets with.  

Encouraging Women to Shoot

Did you know that right now, women are growing in considerable amounts in shooting sports? Another crazy fact is that the AR 15 is one of the reasons for this. Women love shooting just as much as men do, and they are figuring that out by the loads, with the help of this handy rifle. Many women have no shooting experience and have some fear about shooting a gun because of the swift kick it gives when it goes off from recoil. The great thing about this rifle is because there is an (intentional) soft recoil, this rifle is a perfect one for those who are new to the game. It is even customizable by purchasing and switching up the best AR 15 accessories out there for you!


If you like to mess around with parts, fix things, or take this apart, the AR 15 is the perfect rifle for you. Since this gun is so massive on the market, finding parts and upgrades is easy, and there are tons of sources available. On top of that, the rifle has a very easily understandable operation system. This makes it so easy and simple to play around with. This rifle is one you could easily build on the wooden table in your garage. Installing new parts is easy as pie with the AR 15 as well. On top of that, finding the best AR 15 accessories below will encourage your tinkering!

Hunting Large Animals

The AR 15 and its larger counterpart, the AR-10, are very good hunting rifles. These are especially good rifles for deer hunting. The AR 15 rifle is also created with many more powerful cartridges available to hunt larger prey. Many people chalk this tool up to an assault rifle, but we cannot forget how good this rifle is for hunting for sport, and many use it as such!

Farmer’s Gun

Another great purpose of the AR 15 is using on the farm. Many farmers use these for their total operations by always having one on them, usually carrying in their trucks. Since these rifles have excellent accuracy as well as the ability to hold a ton of bullets, it is good enough to protect your animals and yourself from dangerous animals. An AR 15 is also suitable for farmers to have close by in isolated areas in case they run into any being with bad intentions.

Disaster Preparedness

In the world we currently live in, disaster is just around the corner. With climate change, wars brewing, bad people, and bad governments, it's no wonder people feel safer when they're prepared. Even if you don't expect the world to end every other day, it can still feel good to be on the safe side. There really is not a single disaster or survival situation that could not be aided by having this rifle nearby.

3-Gun Sport Shooting

The AR 15 rifle is great for a ton of competitive sports that call for shooting tools. Since this rifle is beloved by many, it is easy to see tons of people shoot with this weapon for sport with skill, precision, and safety on their side, regularly. The sport this gun is most widely used in is the 3-gun sport shoooting, which many Americans take place in.

It’s America's Favorite Rifle

The AR 15 is a favorite for a reason. It is not a murder machine, but a standard tool, everyman tool, and is owned proudly by patriotic people of all ages, creeds, colors, and walks of life. This defense weapon gives ordinary people the support they need to protect their own life, the lives of their families, and the lives of their animals. And purchasing the best AR 15 accessories adds even more value to these rifles.

Owning an AR 15 is as American as baseball, apple pie, and the Second Amendment. It's a classic example of American exceptionalism, freedom, and resourcefulness, which are all things that make us a free nation and home where brave people reside.

The Best AR 15 Accessories

Below you will find a list of some of the best AR 15 accessories currently on the market. The accessories below will range from flash suppressors to tactical lights. Feel free to browse through all of the items listed and find the ones that you like the best!


When it comes to AR15's, there is a definitive leader in the world of aftermarket accessories and its name is MagPul. Initially known for producing a magazine accessory, the company has evolved and moved on to bigger and better things such as the MBUS (MagPul Back up Sight) PRO. This is one of the best AR 15 accessories in the world.

MagPul; best ar 15 accessories


With more and more people forgoing the carrying handles of yester year in order to run quality optics, there is the dilemma of what to do if the optic fails or the target is too close or simply what to use while the optic you want is on back order.

The MBUS is a spring loaded set of folding iron sights that can be put into action instantly by the flick of a finger and pushed down and out of the way when using an optic. Constructed from Melonite coated steel as opposed to the standard plastic MBUS sights that MagPul is known for, these quality sights are built to last several lifetimes.

Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider

Most AR-15's are manufactured with a threaded barrel in 1/2X28” to allow installation of a muzzle device such as a flash hider, sound suppressor or muzzle brake. One of the best of the non-NFA (National Firearms Act) muzzle devices is the Vortex flash hider by Smith Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) of Mesa, Arizona.

Flash Hider; best ar 15 accessories


The Vortex is said to be capable of reducing 95 to 99% of visible flash on an AR15. This is important because the flash from a rifle can damage a shooter’s vision at night time and can make using an optic difficult.

SEI’s latest version incorporates grooves in the tines to allow easy removal of a quick-detach sound suppressor such as the company’s Wind Talker model.

Advanced Armament Corporation’s Blackout Flash Suppressor

Like the aforementioned Vortex, AAC’s design destroys visible flash to protect the shooter’s night vision, but is really intended for another purpose: it allows the shooter to quickly mount one of AAC’s sound suppressors such as the 556SD.

Flash Hider; best ar 15 accessories


Sound suppressors are regulated by the NFA and require a $200 transfer tax, but most QD designs need to mount on a proprietary muzzle device. If you are using AAC’s silencers, you do not want to be without one of these mounts on each of your rifles so you can share the suppressor with other rifles you have available.

Tango Down Stubby Vertical Grip

Vertical grips that attach to the forend of an AR15 are controversial. Students of precision rifle shooting hate them because of their tendency to cause the shooter to “muscle the rifle” and cause shaking while firing. Tactical shooters like them because they make the rifle easier to control. Most models make storage problematic due to their length, but Tango Down addressed this by making their grip in a “stubby” configuration.

Grip; best ar 15 accessories


The grip has an internal storage compartment for spare batteries or other small parts and it quickly mounts to any MilSpec Picatinny rail. The grip works perfectly as a hand stop to prevent the shooter’s hand from moving forward of the barrel.

CSM Tactical Single Point Sling

The CSM Tactical Single Point Sling is designed by a team staffed by Spec-Ops veterans from Marine Recon and other branches of the US Military who know how gear should be designed and their single point sling is one of the best out there.Sling; best ar 15 accessories


 Constructed from 1” nylon webbing, it allows for secure cross shoulder carry while making the rifle quickly available to the shooter.

Midwest Industries Two-piece Forend

Most factory AR 15's ship with a set of plastic hand guards and adding a rail involves removing the barrel, destroying the retainer ring and sometimes removing the front sight.



Midwest Industries offers a low cost alternative with their easy to install rails that simply replace the hand guard. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, these MilSpec rails are every bit as strong and durable as the competition’s offerings.

SureFire Mini Scout Weapon Light

A visible weapon light is a must have accessory for identifying targets at night or in low light situations. For over 2 decades SureFire has lead the way with innovative lighting technology specifically designed for the heavy recoil of firearms.

Weapon Light; best ar 15 accessories


The Mini Scout Weapon Light boasts a blinding 200 lumens powered by a single CR123 battery and controlled by either a tail cap button or tape switch.

Blackhawk Butt Stock Magazine Pouch

Having a spare magazine is essential to keeping rounds going down range, but when it is an emergency situation and you only have a chance to grab a rifle, those spare magazines will stay in the pouches on your chest rig and you may have to rely on the one that is inserted in the rifle.

Magazine Pouch; best ar 15 accessories


Blackhawk Tactical makes a nylon butt stock pouch that holds one spare magazine and mounts to the butt stock of the rifle, ensuring that extra magazine is ready when you may need it most.

Multitasker AR15 Multi-Tool

Sometimes a rifle can go wrong when you are far from your work bench and you need to get the rifle back into action immediately. The AR-15 Multi-Tool from Multitasker has just about every tool you need to get an AR15 up and running as quickly as possible. For this simple reason, it is one of the best AR 15 accessories around, because of how useful it is.

Multi Tool; best ar 15 accessories


More than just a pair of pocket pliers, this tool has AR15 specific tools for removing the barrel nut, hex head drivers, a carbon scraper and a spanner designed to interface with the products of LaRue Tactical.

Chip McCormick AR15 tactical trigger

If there is a weakness in a stock AR15 rifle, it has to be the trigger. A host of manufacturers offer improvements, but one that screams value and is as easy to install as driving out and replacing two pins is the tactical trigger by Chip McCormick.

Tactical Trigger; best ar 15 accessories


This smooth single stage trigger is set for a 3.5 pound pull.

Final Words on Best AR 15 Accessories

Hopefully the list above will help you find the best AR 15 accessories for your gun. There is a ton of different options when it comes to the AR 15 so the list above should give you a good selection of items to choose from. If you are specifically looking for an AR15 barrel then you can check out our page that is fully dedicated to them.

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