Top 4 Shooting Gloves For Beginners To Pros

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December 30, 2023

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Own one of the best guns but are still confused about which shooting gloves to buy? Check out the reviews of the top 8 shooting gloves in the market today!

A glove may not seem to be the most important requirement while shooting and handling a gun. However, it can be of great help to give you a better grip on your gun and handle it well. Shooting gloves have become an essential part of shooting gear today and more users are opting to buy a good quality pair of gloves in order to utilize the full benefits of using one.

Shooting gloves are very useful and they provide much more than simple protection. When it comes to selecting the right pair of gloves, it may become tricky to choose as different gloves have different features and benefits. Finding the perfect pair that suits your needs is a task that has to be undertaken seriously.

While gloves are needed to protect you from injury, they should also be able to provide utmost grip and breathability. In this article, we will help you choose the right pair of shooting gloves for yourself by reviewing some of the best shooting gloves available in the market today.

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Why Are Shooting Gloves Needed?

Just as you need to protect your ears from the high noise levels of a gun while shooting, you need to protect your hands too from damage when you are out shooting or hunting. This makes shooting gloves a must have in your shooting gear collection.

There are many uses of using shooting gloves while going on a hunt or simply for target practice. The textured surface of the gloves helps to give you a better command over your pistol while you hold it in your hands.

Shooting a gun is challenging. Multiple rounds of firing can impact your hands due to the recoil capability of guns. They cause damage and stiffness to the hands and can cause a lot of discomfort. It is, therefore, essential to invest in a good pair of shooting gloves that give adequate support and comfort to your hands.

Among the many benefits of shooting gloves, a few come to the mind immediately as they are basic and quite important. These benefits are:

  • Shooting gloves help to provide relief to the trigger finger because of the cushioning that they provide. This helps to keep stiffness and pain at bay.
  • They safeguard the skin on your palms and fingers and prevent them from calluses and cracks.
  • They help you to get a better grip on your gun and ensure improved stability while shooting the target.
  • Shooting gloves also help to reduce the occurrence of blisters on your hands after multiple rounds of firing.

Types of Shooting Gloves

The question that most people ask is ‘Why should I wear shooting gloves?’ This statement arises from the fact that as occasional shooters it is not compulsory to invest in shooting gloves because they are not used regularly. This assumption is entirely wrong and one must practice by putting on their shooting gloves.

There are various types of shooting gloves available in the market today and we will cover the broad categories in this section to give you a better idea about tactical shooting gloves and their utility.

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  • Pistol Gloves: These are usually thinner in padding and are not stuffed because a thick pair of pistol gloves would make it very difficult to pull the trigger. This is because a pistol does not have too much space near the trigger to accommodate a thicker glove.
  • Carbine Gloves: These are specially designed to operate carbines and there is not much issue if the gloves are thickly padded. This is because the hands are only used for operations like reloading, turning the safety on and off, pulling the trigger and adjusting the scope.
  • Warm Gloves: These gloves are quite helpful if you are shooting in a cold environment. They provide adequate warmth to the hands and allow you to operate a gun. The major drawback with this model is that it is that the thick padding makes them bulky and slippery.

Reviews of Top Shooting Gloves

It is very essential to know the components of the shooting gloves that you are planning to buy. These include factors such as their weight, padding thickness and utility. We have collated a few reviews of some of the best shooting gloves that can be bought online without much fuss.

Mechanix M-Pact Coyote

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The Mechanix M-Pact Coyote is a great offering from the reputed Mechanix brand. This pair is fully equipped to provide full support and protection to your hands while you are out on a hunting trip or simply practicing indoors.


  • These pair of gloves provide a full coverage hand protection while you are out shooting to give you great support and comfort at the same time.
  • The thumb, index finger and palm areas display a rubberized grip to make the glove more sturdy and reliable for shooting due to a better grip.
  • The knuckles and fingertips are made using sonic welded molded rubber for better elasticity and strength.
  • The palm area is created using Poron XRD which is a high impact material used in place of the traditional EVA foam to offer better shock and vibration absorption caused due to the firing of multiple rounds.
  • The gloves can be easily fastened using the on and off hook and loop closure.


  • ‚ÄčThe gloves have a tight fit and thus prevent any discomfort that arises due to improper fit.
  • They are competitive and can be used for shooting in different kinds of environmental conditions.
  • The Armortex grip panels give these gloves a superb grip and better handling due to their excellent grabbing capability.
  • The Poron XRD reduces overall vibration experienced while shooting and allows you to shoot effortlessly without deferring your aim.
  • The heavy wear areas are made stronger by double stitching and this makes the gloves long lasting and suitable for a longer use.
  • These gloves are ideal for public servants and servicemen since they are flexible and sturdy.


  • Since the gloves are padded thickly, they take a lot of time to dry completely after a wash.

Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-04-L Tactical Operator

[amazon box="B01AD10HBC"]

Shooting gloves cannot get more comfortable than this! The Ironclad EXOT is crafted using a synthetic spandex shell to make it super flexible and light on your hands. These easy to wear and use gloves are a class apart in their offering and are made using an excellent quality of materials and technology.


  • The gloves come with neoprene knuckle protection to protect them from impact and also reduce the vibration that is felt upon pulling the trigger.
  • The palm area is fortified with EXO foam that gives it a smoother and softer finish and offers great flexibility at the same time.
  • The gloves can be fastened or removed using the suede cuff puller which is easy to handle and helps the user to pull on their gloves faster without many hassles.
  • These pair of shooting gloves are available in a variety of colors that you can choose from according to your liking.
  • The gloves can be washed at home using a washing machine and does not require any additional cleaning specifications.
  • They are made using the special 16-point measurement system of the company which enables the gloves to fit well on your hands.
  • The terry cloth helps you to wipe the sweat off easily without creating a lot of dampness.


  • These pair of shooting gloves are designed ergonomically and can fit your hands well due to the advanced precision used by the company.
  • The suede puller makes the gloves easy to put on and remove and this makes the gloves user friendly without many hassles.
  • The EXO foam is of a good quality and offers a better grip on your gun without compromising on the flexibility aspect.
  • Neoprene knuckle protection offers good stability to the knuckles and protects them from the shock of recoil. This keeps the knuckles in a good shape without the risk of any injuries.
  • The glove material is synthetic and lightweight which makes it highly breathable and allows for better circulation of air in the hands.
  • The gloves are available in many sizes and will suit users having small and large hands.


  • The shade of the gloves may vary a little from what is displayed online.

Freetoo Tactical Gloves

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Rely on this pair of heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands from abrasion and blisters while you pump one round after another into your gun. Designed using good quality materials, this pair of gloves does not disappoint with its functioning and ergonomic design.


  • These pair of gloves are crafted to fit well on your hands for better comfort and fit.
  • The gloves are made to be used in hot and cold climatic conditions through the use of a breathable material that is odor-free and flexible.
  • Heavy use areas are double stitched to make the gloves more durable and last for a long time.
  • These gloves can be used for various purposes like biking, camping and at work in addition to their utility as shooting gloves.
  • The dual-layer synthetic leather palm is fortified with an anti-skid feature to provide a better grip and prevent your gun from slipping.
  • The gloves have a velcro fit near the wrist area to secure them firmly on the hands without any scope for movement.
  • They offer great flexibility due to their design despite being a heavy-duty pair which is intended to be used for multiple purposes.
  • These gloves are available in a single shade of black which reduces the need to clean them frequently.


  • The fingertips are designed using a microfiber material that prevents it from wearing out easily.
  • The palm area has a good grip due to the use of PU material which does not let your aim falter despite continuous firing.
  • The velcro near the wrist also features a nylon webbing which is fixable and can provide a good fit option for your hands.
  • The gloves are designed to provide for better air circulation in the hands and it fulfills this criterion quite well.


  • The gloves are only available in a single shade currently.

Mechanix Specialty 0.5mm Coyote Tactical Gloves

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Experience precision and high dexterity with this model of gloves offered by Mechanix. The gloves are lightweight and are designed to offer comfort and better fit to users without compromising on the build quality and flexibility.


  • These pair of gloves are designed ergonomically with stitch darts that take the natural shape of the hand and provide a good fit.
  • The gloves are made using 0.5mm AX-Suede material to provide dexterity and a high precision.
  • The flex joints are expandable and thus provide a better mobility to the fingers for free movement and better trigger control.
  • The back of the gloves is provided with a special Breathable TrekDry material that reduces the generation of heat and keeps the hands cool.
  • The gloves can be washed at home using a washing machine and do not require a lot of specifications while cleaning.


  • The gloves fit your hands snugly and also offer an excellent support to the hands by keeping them highly mobile and flexible.
  • The Breathable TrekDry material keeps the gloves cool and helps to prevent perspiration that is generated due to excess heat in the hands.
  • The thermoplastic rubber provides a good fit in the wrist area and helps to secure the gloves properly on the hands without much stray movement.
  • The anatomical stitch darts fit well with the curvature of the hand and give it a good support and suppleness.
  • The flex joints are expandable and thus the overall flexibility of the fingers is improved and there is better control over the trigger.


  • Prolonged use of these gloves has cropped up durability issues.


Shooting gloves are an essential component of shooting gear and must be regarded seriously. Use of guns without gloves will lead to problems in the hands specifically in the fingers and the wrist. The palm area too suffers a great deal to recoil and rough handling and adequate care must be taken to ensure that shooting remains a pleasurable experience instead of a problem.


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